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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Emerson

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Getting Started

Alrighty, so I’ve tentatively decided to post updates on Mondays.  The decision was mostly arbitrary, but what the hey – I wanted to try updating regularly, and Monday is as good a day as any!  The first few updates will focus on writing itself, rather than any creative works or other discussion.

Next Monday: Why I Write.  I very much welcome comments and discussion, so please, feel free to brainstorm on the topic and give me your input when the day comes! (Or before, on this post, if you so desire!)

See you Monday!

Write always,

E.S. Hilt



Hello and welcome to my blog!

This project is (obviously) in its infancy, barely an idea, barely a goal, brought to life during a moment of enthusiasm and ambition.  At this point in time, I’ve written one novel, but I have yet to even try to get it published yet.  In this blog I plan to share my progress and some of my ideas and thoughts about writing and other related topics.  Hopefully this doesn’t result in a load of boring drivel but will be informative and/or entertaining.  I can’t promise regular updates or amazing things at this point, but I have all these ideas, plots, and characters spilling from my mind and maybe, just maybe, I will glean further inspiration in this endeavor – or inspire another (which is almost as good ^_~).

So wish me luck, and good luck to all my readers and other aspiring writers out there.

EDIT: I would also like to add that any and all comments and/or questions that readers may have are very welcome!  I welcome discussion on almost any topic, so feel free to comment away!

Write always,

E.S. Hilt

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